West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League
GRiT Program

GRiT - Girls Riding Together - is NICA’s focused effort to bring more girls and women into the cycling community to close the opportunity gap for current and future generations. NICA aims to increase female student-athlete and coach participation rates in our programs by 33% by 2023.

Why Join GRiT?


Activities are focused on increasing girls awareness of NICA programs by offering girls-only social and riding opportunities for girls, moms, friends, siblings and female coaches. GRiT Camps and GRiT student-athlete Ambassador programs are available in our leagues as well!


GRiT recognizes the need to get more girls on bikes. GRiT's goal is to empower female student-athlete's to make their mark, on or off the bike. All NICA leagues have an individual GRiT Coordinator to implement programming from the NICA GRiT Tool box and events at the league level.


Girls Riding Together is NICA’s initiative to increase female participation to 33% overall by 2023. With help from the Walton Family Foundation, and a number of other sponsors and NICA leagues across the country, GRiT's mission is to provide fair treatment, equal access, opportunity, advancement and elimination of barriers to encourage participation for all.


NICA is making a concentrated effort to increase the number of girls and female coaches in NICA programs by focusing on creating a more welcoming environment for girls to join through girls-only events, rides, camps, clinics and socializing opportunities.

GRiT CoordinatorsThese ladies are the ones who lead the rides, teach the skills, man the GRiT tent, etc. They help to make the GRiT program a success.

Jodi Mondy

Mia Fox

2023 GRiT AmbassadorsThese young women are committed to spreading the word of GRiT and getting #MoreGirlsOnBikes!


Audrey Soderholm

Morgantown Trailhawks

Ellie Holitzell

Kanawha River Composite

Estella Styer

River Cities Serpents

Kaya Toler

Putnam County Peddlers

Brenna Gardill

Northern WV Composite

Peyton Butcher

Putnam County Peddlers

Coach Annie Ellison

Putnam County Peddlers

Hannah Ellison

Putnam County Peddlers

Haley Ellison

Putnam County Peddlers

Jordan Ellison

Putnam County Peddlers

Shiloh Ellison

Putnam County Peddlers

Izzy Wooten

Putnam County Peddlers

Madison Ferrell

Kanawha River Composite

Jade Haas

Putnam County Peddlers

Haley Caputo

Harrison County Mountaineers

Evie Hilton


Sofia Perna

Kanawha River Wildcats

Sofie Gaull


Coach Jessica Jacoby


Coach Connie McClure-Roadcap

Kanawha River Wildcats
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