Coaches are the backbone of our organization and make a positive difference in the lives of WV's teens.

You don't need to be an ex-pro or even a competitive mountain biker to be a successful coach. In fact, many of our most successful coaches don't have any racing experience.

  • No experience is necessary.
  • We have the tools to help you succeed.
  • We offer comprehensive training

We Are Here To Help

Jessica Harmening is our director of coaching and we have trained coach supporters located all over the state standing by to assist new and experienced coaches with all aspects of coaching a mountain bike team.

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Coaches quickly learn that coaching a NICA team is one of the most rewarding experiences of their life.

“I thought I was doing this all for the kids, but it turned out I benefited perhaps more than the kids”

Coaching GOALS

  • Keep student-athletes positively engaged in mountain bike-related activities throughout season
  • Be a role model to all coaches, staff, student-athletes, families, and the community
  • Set an example as a responsible mountain biker at practices and on the trail
  • Contribute to a fun, inclusive atmosphere
  • Have a great time with good people who love mountain biking

Coaching TASKS

  • Manage risk in all mountain bike activities to ensure a safe and fun experience for your student-athletes
  • Maintain order and a culture of mutual respect among all student-athletes
  • Lead group rides, skills clinics and other activities
  • Help student-athletes with simple mechanical repairs
  • Help set up activities and events and assist with team scheduling

Coaching ROLES

All coaches are required to obtain a NICA Certification License at one of three levels:

Level 1:Assists all coaches as directed by the Head Coach.Level 2:Assists level 3 coaches with advanced tasks such as teaching skills and leading rides.Level 3:Takes a leadership role within the team.
Now that you are super stoked to get involved, consider helping your local team or starting a team in your area or school. You can do this, and we will help.


We know finances can be a barrier for people to participate in this sport, and we’re committed to assisting families to the best of our ability. Whether you’re a coach or a student-athlete, we are here for you! We’re able to offer this support thanks to the generous donations of our private donors and sponsors.

If you have any hesitation about joining due to financial constraints, fret no more and Contact Us so we can help!

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The Pit Zone is the NICA Registration System for Teams, Coaches and Riders. Get race ready in this upcoming season here!

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