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  • 2020 WVICL Coaches Summit

    2020 WVICL Coaches Summit

    The West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League’s third annual Leaders' Summit will bring together coaches —both new and experienced—to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. In 2020 WVICL will head into its third year and will be providing the opportunity for every Middle and High School, public or private, to form club teams and participate in a scholastic mountain bike season brought to you by the West Virginia league, an official project League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). This conference will promote a holistic approach to coaching that creates an environment in which young people can grow and thrive.
  • WV NICA GRiT Ambassador Program

    WV NICA GRiT Ambassador Program

    December 1st
    The WV GRiT Ambassador Program aims to engage female NICA student-athletes in spreading the word about the GRiT program throughout West Virginia. Our goal as a league, is to increase female participation. Currently we sit at 22.4 %, and we aim to increase that to 33% by 2023. Deadline for submissions is May 1st.
  • Win A New Bike!

    Win A New Bike!

    October 27th
    We're raffling off a new Trek Fuel EX 9.8 bike.
  • On the Bike Skills 101 Training

    On the Bike Skills 101 Training

    July 13th
    On the Bike Skills 101: This is a course designed to train coaches to teach fundamental mountain bike skills to student-athletes. Come on out, and join us at Big Bear Lake for your Coaching essentials class, and then join in the festivities of Dirt Fest. This course is required to advance to a level 2 coach.
  • NICA Approved First Aid and CPR Training

    NICA Approved First Aid and CPR Training

    July 6th
    Would you like to become a level 3 coach? This course will satisfy the First Aid and CPR requirements for NICA Level 3 coaches, that practice within 1 hour of a hospital. It is an 8 hour class for first aid, with a 2 hour add-on for CPR.
  • GRiT Camp 2019

    GRiT Camp 2019

    Mark Your Calendars! Our first GRiT Camp is happening and we want you to come! We are keeping things small our first year and will have 30 or under campers plus coaches, volunteers and staff.
  • West Virginia League Partners with State Agencies to Develop Mountain Biking Trails in Local Parks

    West Virginia League Partners with State Agencies to Develop Mountain Biking Trails in Local Parks

    February 21st
    In March 2018, Steve Jones, Superintendent of North Bend State Park, attended WVICL’s Leaders Summit, which was hosted at North Bend. The father of three teenage boys, Superintendent Jones understood the benefits of NICA’s youth development programs. He quickly earned his Level 1 Coaching license and then began to educate his fellow administrators and park superintendents on the benefits of developing a relationship with WVICL to promote NICA’s values throughout West Virginia’s State Parks. Superintendent Jones was so impressed with NICA’s values and programs that he set out on a mission to build NICA-approved trails at North Bend State Park.

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Race Schedule

COVID-19 isn't going to stop the WVICL from offering student-athletes opportunities for competition and fun this fall. While we have unfortunately been forced to cancel the in-person race series this year, we are offering three venues and race courses for teams to challenge themselves. Teams have a one-month window to hold a practice and self-timed race at each venue. These team guided events are for fun, and there will be no series scoring, however individual results will be tallied and posted here.

Race 1 - Canaan Valley Resort

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Race 2 - Little Creek Park

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Race 3 - North Bend State Park

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