Race Format & Rules

  • Teams and students will have the option to participate in any of the self-timed race events at their convenience and in a safe, small group, socially-distanced format.
  • Participating students will be placed based upon one (1) timed complete lap of each race course. Each course will be approximately 2-6 miles in length and similar to prior years.
  • Students may do as many laps as they wish, but teams should only submit a single lap time for scoring. We suggest submitting the fastest time!
  • Self-timed events are open to all student athletes with no restrictions.
  • GPS course maps are linked below.
  • Each race course will have an established Start/Finish.
  • Teams should conduct these races as they would a team practice, and follow all rules regarding the conduct of a practice, including adherence to the team’s COVID-19 protocols.
  • Teams will be responsible for pre-riding and knowing the courses, staging volunteers and marshalls, and timing student athletes. Course marshals should be assigned to areas where there are concerns regarding course conditions.
  • Teams should not race if course or weather conditions create elevated levels of risk.
  • Students should be started individually or in small groups (less than 5) to ensure safety.
  • Be safe and have fun!


  • A designated team representative should be assigned to time each student and record those times.
  • The team representative should submit each participating student’s name, age, category, and fastest time by the submittal deadlines.
  • Posted race times will be updated on the results page daily.
  • There will be no series scoring - this is just for fun!

2020 Season

COVID-19 isn't going to stop the WVICL from offering student-athletes opportunities for competition and fun this fall. While we have unfortunately been forced to cancel the in-person race series this year, we are offering three venues and race courses for teams to challenge themselves. Teams have a one-month window to hold a practice and self-timed race at each venue. These team guided events are for fun, and there will be no series scoring, however individual results will be tallied and posted here.

Race 1 - Canaan Valley Resort

Race 2 - Little Creek Park

Race 3 - North Bend State Park

* Please use Marshall points as recommended spots to stage coaches.
* Mandatory to stage coaches at ALL road crossings.

Past Race Results

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