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NICA GRiT is a national program that aims to increase female participation in the sport of mountain biking by 10% over the next five years with a focus on recruitment and retention of girls and female coaches in NICA programs.

Why join GRiT?


Activities are focused on increasing girls awareness of NICA programs by offering girls-only social and riding opportunities for girls, moms, friends, siblings and female coaches. GRiT Camps and GRiT student-athlete Ambassador programs are available in our leagues as well!


GRiT recognizes the need to get more girls on bikes. GRiT's goal is to empower female student-athlete's to make their mark, on or off the bike. All NICA leagues have an individual GRiT Coordinator to implement programming from the NICA GRiT Tool box and events at the league level.


Girls Riding Together is NICA’s initiative to increase female participation to 33% overall by 2023. With help from the Walton Family Foundation, and a number of other sponsors and NICA leagues across the country, GRiT's mission is to provide fair treatment, equal access, opportunity, advancement and elimination of barriers to encourage participation for all.


NICA is making a concentrated effort to increase the number of girls and female coaches in NICA programs by focusing on creating a more welcoming environment for girls to join through girls-only events, rides, camps, clinics and socializing opportunities.

WVICL GRiT Coordinators


Brette Swarr

Brette has been a recreational mountain biker for 24 years and is inspired by those who remain active throughout their lives. She loves outdoor adventures and the native plant and animal life of West Virginia. She is also enthusiastic about sharing her love of cycling with NICA’s student-athletes and, especially, empowering more girls to be confident and have a blast on bikes.

Our 2020 GRiT Ambassadors


Audrey Soderholm


Ellie Holitzell


Estella Styer


Grace Foster


Kaya Toler


Liz Bashlor


Samantha Carver


Zoe Harrison