Twin Falls

Twin Falls

October 24-October 25

Twin Falls State Park, Mullens WV

Race Description

Team Pit Set-up

Teams may set up their pits starting Saturday at 1:30 pm

Pre-Ride Saturday and Sunday

All racers may pre-ride Saturday afternoon (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM) and Sunday morning (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM). We recommend all riders pre-ride the course. Please pass with care.

Race Day Support

Volunteering at our Events

Volunteers make our events possible. If you’d like to volunteer for a West Virginia League race, please find out more info here.

Other Important Notes

    • No dogs off leash please.
    • Grilling is allowed in the Pit Zone. No ground fires please.
    • Please be considerate of our venue and use the trash receptacles whenever possible
    • No parking in the Pit Zone
    • Walk bikes in the Pit Zone
    • Helmets are REQUIRED for ALL participants AND visitors.


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    Food Service

    Course Map

    Race Map Coming Soon

    Race Schedule

    2020 RACING FEES
    Race Fee (per race)$40 HS $40 MS + $10 late fee for day of registration
    Registration Opens11:30am
    Coaches Meeting12:30pm
    Coaches only Pre-Ride1:00pm
    Course open for pre-ride2:00pm
    GRiT Ride (Girls ride together)4:00pm
    Registration closes4:30pm
    Course closes5:00pm
    Parking and Pit Zone opens for set up7:15am
    Registration opens7:30am
    Pre-ride opens8:00am
    Coaches meeting8:30 am
    Pre-ride closes9:00am
    Racing begins9:30am
    Awards3:30pm (approximate)
    Category (Race Numbers)Start TimeLaps
    (Incl. Bonus)
    Bonus Lap
    Cut-Off Time
    Approx. Miles
    WAVE 1
    Middle Sch. Boys Grade 8 (3000’s) 9:3029:544
    Middle Sch. Boys Grade 7 (2000’s) 9:3229:564
    Middle Sch. Boys Grade 6 (1000’s) 9:3429:584
    WAVE 2
    Varsity Girls (1-49)10:30511:4010
    JV Girls (100’s)10:32411:298
    Sophomore Girls (400’s)10:34411:318
    Freshman Girls (700’s)10:36411:338
    Middle Sch. Girls Grade 8 (6000’s)10:38211:024
    Middle Sch. Girls Grade 7 (5000’s)10:40211:044
    Middle Sch. Girls Grade 6 (4000’s)10:42211:064
    WAVE 3
    Varsity Boys (50-99)12:3051:4010
    JV Boys (300’s)12:3241:298
    Sophomore Boys (500’s)12:3441:318
    Freshman Boys (900’s)12:3641:338

    Chip Timing

    All racers will receive a permanent number plate with chip timing tape on the back side covered with a foam spacer. Racers will need to use this plate for all 5 races, so please remove this number plate before mounting the bike on a roof rack to prevent loss. Replacement number plates will be available at the registration tent for $10.

    Registration & League Payment

    Race Ready

    In order to race, you need to meet Race Ready status.


    1. Pit Zone information entered
    2. League Fee and Race Fee paid
    3. Release Forms completed electronically in the Pit Zone (one per season)

    The West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League recommends avoiding long lines and taking advantage of early online registration. The Pit Zone will close .

    Riders registering “day of” at the race venue must register at least one hour before their race starts. On-site race registration will be open 1:30pm on Saturday and 8:00am on Sunday. Registration for each category closes one hour before the race start for that category. Questions about race registration should be directed to

    To make race day more enjoyable, register in advance online using the Pit Zone. Lost plates are subject to a $10 replacement fee.

    Petitions for Category Placement

    Those petitioning for exceptions to category placement must do so by Sunday, August 25th at midnight. Petitions should be emailed to Bradley Schmalzer at

    Racers can only race in Varsity categories via the petition process.

    All riders need to be invited to register in the Pit Zone online. Contact your Team Director to be invited. Independent riders contact West Virginia League Director Cassie Smith at


    julie@westvirginiamtb.orgVolunteer Coordinator
    Questions About

    Weather Policy

    Our primary consideration is the safety of racers, race support staff, race visitors, and potential damage to the race course site. Any decisions regarding cancelling, postponing, ≠or altering race start times, lap lengths, number of laps, etc. will be made jointly by the West Virginia League Director, the land manager, and the West Virginia Race Director.

    Please review our weather policy.




    Bike Service

    Neutral technical support on race weekend is provided by

    All race information subject to change. West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.