Dr. Stephen “Doc” Worden – WVICL League Treasurer / League Coach Support / Team Coach

A veterinarian by profession, Dr. Stephen Worden has been deeply involved in the sport of mountain biking as a race director in the West Virginia Mountain Bike Association cross country series. He was instrumental in developing the “Race Around the Bend,” held at North Bend State Park for six years. He began cycling at five years of age, and has ridden a bike for recreation, work “delivering newspapers,” commuting to work, health and stress relief ever since. 

As a race director, Stephen noticed the word “race” seemed to intimidate young, new mountain bikers. He believes the West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League (WVICL) eliminates the intimidating elements of the sport, allowing participants to have a series where the emphasis is on riding, youth development, camaraderie, and challenging oneself, not necessarily finishing first. Stephen firmly believes that WVICL will give the youth of West Virginia an opportunity to pursue their passion for the sport.